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Why "ADAPT?"

We named our Academy "ADAPT" because it is truly at the center of our approach to developing strong-minded athletes, who are able to adjust and find solutions in any situation - in basketball but more importantly, in life. Through the training regimen and academy experience, our methods are battle-tested to prepare young men and women for whatever the future has to offer.

What Makes Us Unique:

One Stop Shop

ADAPT is A full HQ for basketball and human development, with training, psychological development, gym access, film breakdown, and much more included.

More Than Hoop

 Before anything else, our mission is to build better humans, and breed a close family environment for all of our team members to enjoy and have as a support system.

Style Of Play

Going against the traditional AAU Style we help our players develop a Next Level understanding of the game to prepare them for the next level. 

What's Included:

  • - 2-3 team practices per week, focused around tactical skill and building high-IQ players.

  • - 2-3 skills training sessions per week at Play by Play, designed to develop the athlete's individual skillset.

  • - 2-3 performance training sessions per week, boosting athleticism & reducing risk of injury

  • - 1-2 tournaments per month, where athletes can showcase skills and gain experience.

  • - Psychological training to strengthen mental skills for basketball and life in general.

  • - Film sessions, helping athletes become students of the game.

  • - Athlete check-ins, where we ensure each team member is holding their weight in school and is able to openly talk about any struggles in their personal or basketball life.

  • - Customized Player Development Plans catered towards each individuals needs.

  • - Scrimmages to accumulate game experience in a more comfortable environment.

  • - Additional training resources and programs that each athlete can work on at home.

  • - Content including photos and game film.

  • - Open gym access hours where members can use our home gym, Play by Play.

  • - Mentorship from older college and professional athletes and beyond.

  • - Additional training throughout the year, including beach sessions, yoga classes, hikes, and more!

  • - Seminars about all facets of life including: mental health, mindset, handling adversity, basketball IQ, college recruiting, and much more!


… We’re Prioritizing the
over the athlete.

The European Influence

Our founders spent months training and studying in Europe under some of the best coaches in the world. They were truly able to get a feel for why European basketball is beginning to take over the game at the highest levels: the club system and a focus on development over winning at a young age.

In America, it's very common to see players' basketball development stunted incredibly young because of the desire to win, be ranked, and be seen at a young age. Across the pond, however, our founders noticed how diligently European coaches were developing athletes...

In most high-level European systems, players:

  • - Remain with a team for an extended period of time to gel and grow together.

  • - Train more than they play official games.

  • - Devote plenty of time to learning how to play the game in an efficient, team-based manner that fits into teams much more effectively at the next level.

It's time to bring that culture to San Diego.

Our Coaches

Jake McCabe

Performance Trainer/Coach

Began coaching and training in 2019. He’s traveled the country working with Gabe Madsen (University of Utah) and for the past couple of years he has been training players at the University of Utah.

Gabe Macias


Co Founder of ADAPT Academy, 2029 & 2026 Coach, and Skills Coach. Gabe is the owner of
Game Time Elite Training
which was established in 2018. He’s worked with players from the youth level all the way to the pro level. He has traveled across the world running camps & clinics in the US and Europe.

Stephon Rhone


From 2013-2018 he was the JV and Varsity assistant for San Pasqual High School woman’s program. 2018-2020 he was the head coach for Ramona women’s program. He was also the head of player development for CalBuckets AAU program were he also co-owned and was assistant director. Has trained and ran clinics in the US & Mexico.

Anthony McManus

Skills Coach

Current player at The University Of Saint Katherine’s (NAIA College). He has been a trainer with Game Time Elite Training for the last 3 years.

Takoma Rosario

Skills Coach

Current player at Miramar College (JUCO). He has been a trainer with Game Time Elite Training for the last 2 years.

Mike Silva

Assistant Coach

Has been coaching since early 2014 with AAU programs from 9u-17u level and most recently at San Pasqual High School.

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